AND coaching


the evolving needs
of your business.


Show your commitment to a high-performance culture by co-creating a fantastic workplace. Because motivated, engaged employees go above and beyond to contribute to your company’s success.

LOFT has a proven track record helping companies create award winning cultures. We collect and analyze your data, identify strengths and lags, and provide you with a strategic plan that improves employee engagement, retains top performers, strengthens customer loyalty and increases overall profits.

Prepare for your company’s future workforce needs by recognizing impending skills gaps and identifying future leaders. Because your success tomorrow depends on creating a solid people plan today.

LOFT has proven methods and experienced HR professionals to help you create an all-encompassing talent planning strategy that includes succession planning, skills GAP analysis, talent reviews, and development plans to foster retention and support growth. We help equip your company for the ups and downs of a changing workforce.

Support your in-house HR team with advisement and coaching from experienced professionals. Because day-to-day overwhelm may be leaving little room for big-picture strategy.

LOFT has consultants with decades of hands-on HR experience. We offer support, guidance, coaching and mentoring, to increase confidence and develop HR strategies that align with your business goals and objectives. Save time and money (we know what works and what doesn’t) and mitigate HR risk by providing your HR team with access to senior-level HR support.



Highly engaged teams achieve 21% GREATER

feel they aren’t reaching

their full potential
(The Learning Wave)

Companies with strategy-
minded HR leaders are

1.4 times more likely

to outperform competitors.




You're here because you recognize the importance of empowering and developing your workforce. Our programs help busy leaders make a significant impact without wasting time and energy.

Shari has a personality, sense of humour, and a way about her that you just cannot help but like. She is a positive-thinking individual who is always focused on solutions. Shari helped me to set clear guidelines and expectations within my role and then supported me through delivery and execution.

— Ken, Director of Training



Shari Angle



Get Results with Experienced HR Professionals

Your time is valuable. Ensure the HR initiatives you invest in are the right fit for you and your company. We can help you define your Human Resources needs, connect them to your business priorities and create a solid plan to help get you there.

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