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Privacy Statement


Our privacy commitment.

LOFT respects your privacy and upholds all obligations outlined in The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada. The purpose of this statement is to inform you what information (both personal and business) we collect, where we store it and how we use it.


The personal information we collect.

If you are a client or supplier, or if you inquire about services or subscribe to our email distribution lists through our website, examples of the personal information we may have of yours includes: your name, business title, company or personal address, company or personal phone number, company name, company or personal email address.


Your personal information is safe and secure.

All personal information collected is done so directly from you or your employer in the course of our regular business dealings; or through the contact us forms on the LOFT company website. Any personal information collected is protected and secured and treated with the utmost security. We take all precautions to ensure it is safeguarded against theft, loss or unauthorized use. As an important reminder, the information shared over the internet by email or through our website may not be completely secure or error-free. Take extra caution when submitting personal information and use an alternate communication method if the information is particularly sensitive.


Your personal information helps us keep in touch.

Collecting your personal information is required to ensure we can adequately perform our regular business services. It also helps us stay in touch with past clients and individuals who visit our website or inquire about our services. This may include sending updates on upcoming events, distributing offers and promotions, and staying in touch through email or by telephone.


We do not distribute your personal information.

Your information will never be sold or distributed. If in a rare circumstance, your personal information is sought by a third party, we will not distribute it without your expressed written consent.


We don’t keep your personal information indefinitely.

Your personal information will only be maintained for as long as it remains relevant for business purposes or other uses as described above. Once it is no longer relevant or necessary, we will destroy or de-identify your personal information, unless maintaining it is required by law. In this case, the information will still be protected by LOFT’s safeguard and security practices.

We do not use cookies as tracking tools on our site.

Our website is built with WIX, it is not our intention to use cookies or any other tracking tools to capture or use your personal information in any way. By using WIX, inherently our site does store certain cookies on visitor’s computers including: svSession persistent cookies to track unique visitors and session lengths; as well as hs session cookies and XSRF-Token persistent cookies for security.


Contact us with questions or concerns.

If at anytime you wish to discuss our privacy practices, or to update, correct or delete your information, please contact Shari Angle at

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